Friday, December 31, 2010

Candace at the Gymkhana

Caryn - Gymkhana

Here is Caryn at the December 4, 2010 Gymkhana in Queen Creek, AZ.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Beginning and (new) Intermediate photo classes coming in January.

Greetings Phellow Photographers,

I'm scheduling a photography fundamentals class for Saturday January 15 and an intermediate class, which is new, for the following Saturday, January 22.  

Several people who wanted to attend this last class were unable to because of scheduling conflicts.  Also, I know many of you received a new digital SLR camera for Christmas and are wondering just how you'll master that camera.  The fundamentals class is a beginner level class.  You just need a camera, and a desire to learn.  See the flier below for a list of the topics covered in this fundamentals class.

New Intermediate class
Several people have asked me to teach a more advanced course.  I'm planning this new intermediate course to do just that.

I'm considering several topics for this class, but will solicit the input of those who register for the class to finalize the course agenda.  Currently, these are the topics under consideration.  Color management and correction - workflow - image file formats (JPEG vs RAW) - Custom white balance - flash photography topics - modifying light - architectural photography - lighting interiors of buildings - understanding and using a light meter and the camera's internal light meter - panoramic photography (photo stitching) - high dynamic range (HDR) - lens topics - studio lighting - nature photography - natural lighting - focusing issues.

What to do.
If you'd like to take either of these classes (see inline flier from a previous FUNDAMENTALS class date), please send me an email indicating you would like to attend. Click the flier below to enlarge it - making it a little easier to read.  Remember, the class is January 15, not the May date on this flier.

The course is for 7 hours on a Saturday.  We start at 9AM and finish at 4PM.  I'll provide a nice lunch and snacks during the day.  We'll talk about concepts and then go out in the yard and practice shooting what we've discussed.  We'll view your photos and discover what was done well and where there was room for improvement. The fee is $100 (which includes a DVD and lunch/snacks).

Since the intermediate class is the first time being offered, it will be discounted to only $75 per student.

Please pass this along to folks you think may be interested in attending.  Shoot me an email, text or real-life phone call if you have any questions or need clarification.

Best regards,
Bruce Barnes

BKBarnes Photography (Member, 5 years: Arizona Professional Photographers Association)
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Look twice...

 San Diego Temple

 Timpanogos Temple

 Texas Tech

 Texas Tech



Mesa Temple

Mesa Chapel
Huntington Beach Pier

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aubri and Bryan - married today

Here are some shots from Aubri & Bryan's wedding day and reception.  I just got home from the reception and am putting away my gear, but I wanted to put just a couple of images out there.  More to come.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Serendipitious Teenager Encounter

Call me Lucky.  The park was perfect tonight, the sky slightly overcast, the wind calm.  The temperature kept us cool and fresh, and the main light (you can call it the sun) was heading towards its scarlet and mauve diurnal destination.  The only incident to sadden the heart of the intrepid and child-wise photographer was that he was being outmaneuvered by a recalcitrant and determined two-year old.  In a twisted twist of fate, a gaggle of teenagers were lurking around the park.  Noting their abundance of exuberant holiday mirth, the photographer petitioned them to stand behind the camera and outwit the two-year old by jumping up and down like a family of monkeys at banana feeding time. 

The boys accommodated, the photo was captured.  Here are the boys.  The photographer thanks them!

Local Sports Hero - Adam

This hot shot football player lives in my neighborhood.  I can arrange autographs is you ask me nicely.

The Lady of the Lake...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Young Beauty

Here's Shelby - the daughter of some good friends.  We did their Christmas card photos this afternoon, so I won't be stealing their thunder with the cards, but I couldn't resist posting this photo of a very pretty and well-mannered young lady.

Aaron Raine's P-Car (redevivus)

Not quite the same as the other shot of this car. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Here's a great little family.  I've photographed them before and just love their natural, Norman Rockwell like innocence and candor.  There's really only five "knuckleheads" in the family, but I'm sure their mother sometimes has this perspective between 3:00 and 5:00 each afternoon.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

More Gymkhana - those girls can ride!

Getting ready to post these photos to my e-commerce site, and just couldn't help myself from editing another handful of photos.  The power of these horses and the skill of their riders just combines to make very compelling images.  Here are a few from tonight's marathon edit session.

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