Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sacred Grove and Palmyra, New York Temple from Smith family farm.

This shot shows the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, New York.  The perspective is from between the old Smith log cabin and the Smith Frame house.  This is the fence along the property that separates the small path or road between the two houses.  This view is slightly southwest and looks right into the Sacred Grove.

Here is a shot of the Palmyra Temple looking from the northeast to the southwest.  The Temple faces east and from the Sacred Grove you can look west to see the top of the temple peeking through a gap in the trees that have been trimmed for that purpose.

Here is the view from the grove looking east toward the temple.  I understand there is one window on the west side of the temple that is clear glass so you can see the natural temple of the grove from inside the modern temple.

Here is a photo from inside the Sacred Grove, late in the afternoon, looking skyward.

And here is the one that many of you have already seen.  My somewhat "famous" Sacred Grove photo.


  1. Bruce! sell these and make yourself a millionaire!

  2. They're on my e-commerce site - Buy thousands and I'll split the profits with you. Thanks Josh.


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